Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission

Please note that any scientist or organisation seeking to formally appear before the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission must lodge a written notice by 4.00pm, Thursday 9 April 2009.

There are increasingly strong calls from the environment movement and the general public in Victoria for as many scientific experts as possible to formally appear before the commission. This will ensure that the commission can make informed policy decisions. As readers of this site are probably aware, there are likely to be a number of new land management policies that eventuate from this investigation.

The notice should comprise a brief outline of no more than three pages identifying the term or terms of reference in which the person or organisation claims an interest, explaining the nature of that interest and giving reasons why they should be given leave to appear before the Royal Commission.

These notices should be lodged either via email to:

or via post to:
Leave to Appear
2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission
GPO Box 4358
Melbourne VIC 3001

For more information the commissions website is located here:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I strongly recommend all ecological persons submit to the Royal Commission in some form. There is a massive push to remove, or at least soften, vegetation protection controls - considering houses within paddocks burned, the question is how much vegetation removal would be needed to make homes safe. Veg removal is not the solution...

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