Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010-2020

Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010-2020 presents a new approach to addressing biodiversity conservation in a rapidly changing world. The strategy is a call to action. It sets a national direction for biodiversity conservation over the next decade and it asks all Australians to contribute.

From the Draft Strategy:
Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is the variety of all life forms on earth: it is the different plants, animals and micro-organisms, their genes, and the terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems of which they are a part. Biodiversity is essential for our existence and is intrinsically valuable in its own right Biodiversity contributes to the healthy environments, clean air and water that support human life.

The Strategy, has been developed through a Review Task Group that reports to the Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council (NRMMC). The Task Group is made up of representatives from the Australian Government, all state and territory governments, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Bureau of Meteorology. The sections of the strategy relating to Indigenous peoples have been jointly drafted with Indigenous community representatives.

The Draft Strategy, released on Monday 23 March for public comment sets out six priorities for change:
  • building ecosystem resilience
  • mainstreaming biodiversity
  • knowledge for all
  • getting results
  • involving Indigenous peoples
  • measuring success.
The draft strategy is an important national policy document that will guide how governments, the community, industry and scientists manage and protect Australia’s plants, animals and ecosystems over the next ten years. The NRMMC is inviting public comments on the draft strategy.

How to make your submission:
  1. Read the draft strategy and related documents
  2. Public submissions closed 29 May 2009.

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