Should I be certified?

EIANZ feels very strongly about the need for a recognised industry standard for experience and qualifications, to underpin all professional work. As such, EIANZ established the CEnvP (Certified Environmental Practitioner) program in 2004.

EIANZ believes that this should extend to every private sector, academic and public sector advisor or decision maker
where there are obligations to maintain a high standard of professional ethics, scientific rigour and independence. This might include commenting on the work of others, making recommendations, appearing as experts and, as an expert, engaging in debate about planning issues.

If you support this view and you are appropriately qualified, please consider becoming certified.

We need certified ecologists to help us shape the profession. The more we get, the more expectation there will be for others to aspire to the same standards.

Are you qualified? Do you have...
  • an environment-related degree;
  • five years of relevant environmental experience over the past ten years; and
  • three referees prepared to vouch for your skills, performance and professional conduct?
Do you have strong views about professional work ethics and standards? Are you prepared to...
  • sign a statement of ethical conduct;
  • commit to a minimum over two years of 50 hours of continued professional development; and
  • allow two colleagues to vouch for you in detailed referee reports?
For more information about how to become certified, please visit the CEnvP website ( or contact

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