False Cape Update

Photo by Steven Nowakowski (www.stevennowakowski.com)
Principle article source : EDO Queensland Bulletin http://www.edo.org.au/edoqld/

In September 2008 Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett suspended EPBC Act approach for 12 months for a proposed resort at False Cape, , due to concerns about erosion and sediment control devices and the damage being caused to the adjacent Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and Marine Park, adding:

'There will discussions between the developer and the authorities as to what the most appropriate next step is. There is 12 months and within that 12 months period if there is a decision and an application to come forward to me to reconsider what those activities are, once we’ve actually stabilised and secured the site, then I will consider it' (Federal Government - Doorstop: Reef Rescue; False Cape development; luxury car tax; Cairns Yacht Club).

Read previous article and watch community video showing the scale and extent of erosion

Cairns Regional Council (CRC) resolved on 16 October 2008 to "perform and undertake remediation works to erosion and sediment control measures... ...on behalf of the owner" at a cost of up to $150,000, which will be a debt owed to CRC and secured by a registered charge over the proposed development site. So far, CRC and the Queensland EPA have not exercised further legal powers.

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