Revision of ANZECC water quality guidelines - request for comment

Australian and New Zealand environment officials recently agreed that the Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality (ANZECC 2000) - commonly referred to as the 'ANZECC Guidelines' - need to be revised.

A process for scoping the extent of revision required is now underway. This will form the basis for the Terms of Reference for the revision. Rick van Dam, an ecotoxicologist with the Australian Government, is heading the scoping project. Amanda Hunt at MfE is the NZ representative on the subgroup scoping the Terms of Reference.

To assist with ensuring that the scope is sufficient to capture the necessary matters, key stakeholders are being contacted and asked to identify items they consider should be included in the revision. These can either be existing items in the Guidelines, or new items that you consider need to be included.

Comments close on Friday 7 November 2008.

EIANZ members are likely to be users of the guidelines, and/or professionals with expertise in water quality, ecology or ecotoxicology. As such you are encouraged to make known any thoughts you may have on aspects of the guidelines that you consider need revising.

Detailed technical comment is not required. Instead, please identify general areas that you think need revision, or which should be added to the guidelines. However, if you have detailed information on a particular subject, please note this in your comments, so you can be contacted at a later date.

Note that part of the scoping will include recommendations from a recent workshop on the Guidelines by the Australasian Society of Ecotoxicologists.

If you have any colleagues in your organisation whom you consider may also have an interest in the subject, please feel free to forward this message to them.

Note for regional council staff: freshwater science staff in regional councils have been advised of the revision separately, through the surface water information workspace.

Electronic communication is preferred, as it will make collation of comments easier. Please forward all comments, and any questions, to Amanda Hunt at the Ministry for the Environment:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I use the the ANZECC guidelines on a weekly basis for various purposes. One aspect which definately requires updating is the trigger values for toxicants at alternative levels of protection (both for freshwater and marine water). This data can be found in Table 3.4.1 of the guidelines. This table could potentially be extremely useful however, due to the lack of sufficient data, the table is barely usable.
Looking forward to a future update.

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