Biodiversity Management - Discussion Paper

EIANZ Ecology has spent the last three months preparing the following paper for discussion at the forthcoming conference. Biodiversity management is at the very heart of all our work, yet is a poorly understood concept, both within and outside the environmental profession.

You are invited to provide comments or an endorsement of the following paper (please provide your name and position). The results of any discussion on this topic will be used to finalise a draft Position Statement, and have this formally endorsed by EIANZ Council.

For EIANZ Ecology, a policy on biodiversity is extremely important
Please, help us get this circulated as widely as possible.

This policy is the first major step in the establishment of EIANZ Ecology. We need to ensure that we build on this understanding to meet the professional and environmental needs of our practice in the 21st century.

Biodiversity Management - Discussion Paper PDF (202kb)

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