Landcare Research Symposium on Search and Detection (NZ)

Landcare Research intends to hold a symposium of invited research papers on the theme of search and detection theory and its application to the control of wildlife diseases, pest and weed border biosecurity and island eradications, and conservation of rare plants and animals.

The symposium is partly funded by the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology to provide better understanding of and the analytical and technical tools to detect the presence or absence of biota that are required to underpin research and management of several key problems facing New Zealand, and other countries, such as:
  • The feasibility of eradicating diseases such as bovine tuberculosis from wildlife vectors.
  • Designing optimal surveillance for national or internal border biosecurity for emerging diseases or new pests.
  • Certifying success of insular pest eradication operations.
  • Matching monitoring effort of rare ‘events’ with the costs and risks of being wrong.
  • Identifying the presence and distribution of rare or endangered species to focus protection management.
About 30 papers on key topics will be by invitation but additional papers will also be considered by submission of a title and brief abstract to John Parkes, Landcare Research, PO Box 40, Lincoln 7640, New Zealand (or to: parkesj AT land care research DOT co DOT nz).

Potential contributors should submit a title and brief abstract of their paper in the following format:
  • Title of paper (14 pt bold times roman)
  • Authors (12 pt bold times roman)
  • Address of first author (12 pt times roman)
  • Abstract (300 words, 12 pt times roman)
The symposium programme is being added to the website. Authors will be offered the opportunity to publish their papers as a ‘symposium proceedings’ in a suitable peer-reviewed journal. Others are welcome to attend.

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