Valuing Nature in Biodiversity

A new BBC series has just begun on BBC World News. The following excerpt introduces the program which started this evening. There are a number of matters that pertain either directly or indirectly to Australia, from the value of Coral Reef services to the role of Fruit Bats in agriculture.

The role of practising consultants would be taken more seriously if there was better recognition of the true value of biodiversity sustainability both by within and outside the profession. There are a number of enlightening articles on the subject of Ecological Economics in the latest In Practice from the UK Institute of Ecological and Environmental Management.

The growth in biodiversity valuation with schemes like the New South Wales Biobanking and an increasing interest in business biodiversity practice in major investors is a subject of considerable influence for the modern ecological professional. Follow this link to read the latest principles for biodiversity offsets established by the London-based Business and Biodiversity Programme (BBOP).

View program schedule.

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