Ten Principles of Quality in Environmental Impact Assessment

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Professor Murray Raff, Canberra University Presentation to EIANZ Ecology at RMIT on the subject of Best Practice in Ecological Consulting. 17 April 2008.

A PDF of the presentation can be downloaded here (680kB).

Introduction Part 1 (2:09)
Introduction Part 2 (5:33)
Principle 1: An assessment cannot be restricted to "site-specific" environmental effects (1:47)
Principle 2: Alternative courses of action and their environmental significance (0.43)
Principle 3: Greater Plans must be assessed in addition to single phases in their execution (1:30)
Principle 4: Rule against segmentation (1:42)
Principle 5: Viable time frames (rule against science fiction and crystal ball inquiries (1.02)
Principle 6: Alternative courses of action must include the option of doing nothing (0.30)
Principle 7: Must be a real inquiry and not merely arrive at a decision (1:07)
Principle 8-10: Environmental effects are not to be disregarded just because difficult to identify or quantify; must take "hard look" at environmental consequences of the project; findings must be presented in clear language and methodologies explained (1:03)
Conclusion and question (0.49)

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