Eucalypts of the Sydney Region - A Bushwalker's Guide

by Gary Leonard

How much do you know about the Australian bush? Can you tell the difference between a stringybark, a spotted gum, a ribbon gum and a swamp mahogany? If you fail this test, then this is the book for you! This field guide requires no background knowledge and is suitable for anyone who wants to develop confidence in identifying different eucalypts, whether to decide which species to grow in their garden or simply to develop a better understanding of their local vegetation.

Based on the author's well-received previous publication Eucalypts: A Bushwalkers' Guide, first published in 1993 and with sales of close to 10,000, Eucalypts of the Sydney Region includes 10 new species and many new photos. Additionally, the book is right up to date botanically, covering the reclassification of some species, including the Bloodwoods into the Corymbia genus, and the recognition of Angophora species as a separate sub-group. Eucalypts of the Sydney Region offers a wealth of detail for anyone wishing to become more familiar with eucalypt species, all in a handy pocket-sized format ready for use in the field.

9780868408620, UNSW Press, October 2007, 96pp, PB , 210x111mm, AUD$27.95

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