Best Practice in Ecological Consulting Forum - Needs and Recommendations

There is need for:
  • Better skills in developing and presenting methods specifically for projects and to recognise the importance of realistic time frames for field data collection.
  • Better basic field naturalist skills in the academic system.
  • Improved professional development of young and up coming ecologists.
  • Better peer review of consultants' work by recognised senior professionals in the industry.
  • A general point that came up on a number of occasions was the need for realistic pricing of ecological work. Where ecological advice is under-priced, the value of the service to clients is often inhibited to a great degree.
  • Establishment of a formal ethics committee for EIANZ members
  • Mentoring, as part of membership and certification
  • An overview of the scope of policies and activities of similar organisations worldwide - for example, IEEM and SoE provide useful models.
  • Production of a range of standards and guidelines about scientific methods and approaches to ecological impact assessment

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