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The forum was well attended and our thanks again go to RMIT for use of the room, Biosis for sponsoring food and wine and to our panel members, Professor Murray Raff, barrister Matthew Townsend and Director of Biosis Research, Charles Meredith.

The forum resulted in six key findings and a series of recommendations which will form the scope for future work by EIANZ Ecology.

We were grateful to have Professor Murray Raff of Canberra University introduce the forum with a presentation on principles of quality in EIA. Sections of the talk can be heard and seen by following the menu links above. A copy of the Powerpoint presentation can be downloaded here (680kB).

Much time was given to discussion of mentoring structures, such as there is for the legal profession, to facilitate understanding and provide support for ethical behaviour. Click on the 'play' button below to hear some of the discussion.
This podcast is one of a number that can be accessed from the menu above.

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