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1. What is best practice where the ecological profession is concerned?
2. What is the risk to you (or those who depend on you), of failing to accord with generally held principles of best practice?

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Practising ecologists in government, academic research and consultancy constantly face ethical and scientific dilemmas What guarantees of best practice do you think you can provide? Where does the profession most often fail? How can we do better? These are questions we all ask ourselves every day but we rarely discuss as a community.

Come and tell us what you think.

To help us explore the these questions, we will have a discussion around the room, with the opportunity to ask questions of our panel, comprising Professor Murray Raff (University of Canberra), Dr Charles Meredith (Biosis Research) and Matthew Townsend (Barrister).

To introduce us, we are delighted to welcome our speaker, Professor Murray Raff, Dean of Law at University of Canberra. Murray’s expertise is in environment and planning law. He was also Chair of the Environment Defenders Office (Victoria), a Community Legal Centre specialising in advice on situations involving Environmental and Planning Law.

Results will be minuted and presented, along with a video and podcast, on the EIANZ Ecology website.

We are grateful to Biosisd Research for offering to sponsor this event and to RMIT for kindly allowing us to use the Research Lounge as a venue.

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