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EIANZ Ecology is a special interest section of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand. It was set up to provide a focus on the ecology profession, drawing on the existing strengths of EIANZ and the Certified Environmental Practitioner program. 

Email us: ecology@eianz.org or phone Simon Mustoe (Convenor) on +61(0)3 9752 6398.

Please let us know if you some time to assist.

EIANZ Ecology's main objectives are:
  • To be compatible with other existing groups and to become complimentary with their needs.
  • To network other groups using the Institute's infrastructure to help them develop joint forums.
  • To communicate regional outcomes to professional ecologists throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • To produce a regular bulletin, involving various groups and providing them with an opportunity to keep up to date with region-wide practice.
  • To help develop and / or raise awareness of appropriate standards for ecological practice.
We would welcome any suggestions as to how we might realise our objectives.

Simon Mustoe, Convenor.

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