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**Updated 18 November 2008
  • The EIANZ Ecology website was launched on the 26 February 2008.
  • We are now the most regularly used website for professional consultant ecologists in Australia and New Zealand.
  • We are an ideal location for advertising conference proceedings and results, contacting the profession as a whole and helping to develop relevant policy.
  • EIANZ Ecology has been visited by 3,300 individuals, with a total of nearly 8,000 page views.
  • Our traffic is mostly from Australia (68%, just under 2,000 visitors) but also from New Zealand (5%).
  • On average, Australian and New Zealand visitors spend around 3.0 minutes on the site (Average time on websites is usually less than 30 seconds).
  • Compared to other countries, repeat visitation, the amount of time spent on site, number of pages viewed and the number of people exploring the rest of the site (not just the front page), is highest for visitors from Australia and New Zealand. This indicates that the content is of particular relevance to the profession in these countries.
  • Since May, we have grown the numbers of visitors, as a result of the increasing content of professional relevance on the site. In October, after publication of the Biodiversity Discussion Paper, the website was visited by almost 800 individuals in a week (see Figure below).
  • The website is integrated with other networks, and our fortnightly bulletins are read by, on average, 600-800 professionals per month.
  • A questionnaire by EIANZ Ecology proved that the website was read predominantly by professional ecoogists, of which about half are consultants with between 2-5 years experience.
  • Our discussion paper on biodiversity was downloaded by over 400 people.
  • Our questionnaire about the EPBC Act was completed in 24 hours by 172 individuals.
EIANZ Ecology is looking for sponsorship of this website, to help capitalise on these statistics. This will enable us to coordinate regular and dedicated content management, to service increasing demand and maintain the Institute's valuable work.

For details, please email us at

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